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Experiment ID: 410

Field Description
namecompositional and temporal changes in the gut microbiome of pediatric ulcerative colitis patients are linked to disease course

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410amnonlower in feces compared to rectal biopsies in children with treatment naive uc ( high in rectum biopsy site biopsy compared to feces in homo sapiens united states of america child ulcerative colitis )2018-11-22v4118approvedNo
Field Description
descriptionlower in feces compared to rectal biopsies in children with treatment naive uc
methodper feature ranking followed by two group mean comparison
highbiopsy site
allhomo sapiens
allunited states of america
allulcerative colitis

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Ontology terms (including parents)

high: anatomical structure experimental factor anatomical system organism part independent continuant biopsy site collecting specimen from organism organ part biopsy digestive system multicellular anatomical structure process rectum site specimen collection process continuant experimental process subdivision of tube material entity anatomical entity material anatomical entity entity anatomy basic component subdivision of digestive tract planned process occurrent na

low: material entity anatomical structure animal body or body part anatomical entity experimental factor continuant feces material anatomical entity anatomy basic component entity part of animal organism part excreta independent continuant nonmeat part of animal organism substance part of plant or animal na

all: hominidae craniata <chordata> homo euarchontoglires cellular organisms dbbact root experimental factor deuterostomia ulcerative colitis gnathostomata <vertebrate> colitis independent continuant tetrapoda homininae teleostomi haplorrhini child geographic location metazoa eumetazoa sarcopterygii mammalia dipnotetrapodomorpha vertebrata <metazoa> taxonomy root gastrointestinal system disease disease intestinal disease united states of america euteleostomi theria <mammalia> homo sapiens primates continuant opisthokonta organism bilateria simiiformes catarrhini material entity chordata boreoeutheria eutheria inflammatory bowel disease entity hominoidea amniota eukaryota disease of anatomical entity na

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