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Experiment ID: 438

Field Description
namethe gut microbiota of healthy aged chinese is similar to that of the healthy young

Annotations Details

Exp. ID User ID Description Date Region Sequences Status Flag
438amnonhigher in centenarians compared to adults ( high in tenth decade human stage ninth decade human stage age >94 compared to fifth decade human stage fourth decade human stage 65-79 year-old human stage in homo sapiens feces china )2018-12-30v4474approvedNo
Field Description
descriptionhigher in centenarians compared to adults
methodper feature ranking followed by two group mean comparison
hightenth decade human stage
highninth decade human stage
lowfifth decade human stage
lowfourth decade human stage
low65-79 year-old human stage
allhomo sapiens
highage >94

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Ontology terms (including parents)

high: na human life cycle mature stage human life cycle stage ninth decade human stage human aged stage tenth decade human stage dbbact root human adult stage age >94 human late adulthood stage

low: fourth decade human stage na human life cycle mature stage human early adulthood stage human life cycle stage human aged stage 65-79 year-old human stage fifth decade human stage human adult stage human late adulthood stage

all: excreta cellular organisms hominidae geographic location continuant organism part deuterostomia euteleostomi dipnotetrapodomorpha amniota boreoeutheria asia eukaryota entity homo na eutheria continent taxonomy root hominoidea tetrapoda mammalia material anatomical entity feces teleostomi organism substance chordata catarrhini bilateria homo sapiens material entity craniata <chordata> opisthokonta experimental factor vertebrata <metazoa> part of plant or animal euarchontoglires simiiformes nonmeat part of animal eumetazoa anatomy basic component homininae part of animal china haplorrhini sarcopterygii animal body or body part anatomical structure anatomical entity organism metazoa northeast asia primates independent continuant theria <mammalia> gnathostomata <vertebrate> eurasia

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