Annotation details (ID: 4567)

Experiment ID: 582

Field Description
nameear mite infection is associated with altered microbial communities in genetically depauperate santa catalina island foxes (urocyon littoralis catalinae)
doidoi: 10.1111/mec.15325

Annotations Details

Exp. ID User ID Description Date Region Flag Sequences
582amnon high in rectum perianal skin compared to external acoustic meatus ear canal in urocyon littoralis catalinae santa catalina island fox urocyon littoralis santa catalina island united states of america wild 2020-01-22v4No400
Field Description
lowexternal acoustic meatus
lowear canal
highperianal skin
allurocyon littoralis catalinae
allsanta catalina island fox
allurocyon littoralis
allsanta catalina island
allunited states of america


Ontology terms (including parents)

low: anatomical conduit external acoustic meatus ear canal material anatomical entity experimental factor continuant na organism part material entity anatomical structure entity multicellular anatomical structure anatomy basic component anatomical entity independent continuant

high: perianal skin skin of pelvis digestive system organism part skin of trunk experimental factor independent continuant na ectoderm-derived structure entity subdivision of tube material anatomical entity abdominal segment skin organ part anatomical structure material entity anatomical system multicellular anatomical structure anatomy basic component anatomical entity rectum continuant subdivision of digestive tract zone of skin

all: san andres y providencia department deuterostomia santa catalina island vertebrata laurasiatheria south america bilateria caniformia state of california oceans and seas teleostomi chordata opisthokonta craniata geographic location north east pacific ocean pacific ocean experimental factor independent continuant pacific ocean region carnivora santa catalina island fox mammalia gnathostomata na sarcopterygii tetrapoda north east pacific ocean coastal waters of western mexico southern california boreoeutheria euteleostomi los angeles county north pacific ocean entity organism amniota pacific division wild canidae urocyon urocyon littoralis catalinae eumetazoa municipality of providencia y santa catalina urocyon littoralis material entity region (contiguous united states of america) gulf of california eutheria contiguous united states of america root cellular organisms west region eukaryota continuant metazoa continent theria north america united states of america colombia department (colombia) dipnotetrapodomorpha

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