Experiment ID: 139

Field Description
namepolymetallic nodules, sediments, and deep waters in the equatorial north pacific exhibit highly diverse and distinct bacterial, archaeal, and microeukaryotic communities

Annotations for experiment:

Fraction of dbbact annotations with this term covered by the query
LOWER IN polymetallic nodule0.500000
polymetallic nodule0.500000
LOWER IN depth 8-10cm0.500000
depth 4000m0.333333
depth 0-5cm0.333333
sediment depth 8-10cm0.333333
LOWER IN sediment depth 0-5cm0.333333
LOWER IN marine sediment0.250000
marine sediment0.076923
pacific ocean0.058824
Fraction of annotations for the query sequences containing the term
pacific ocean1.000000
depth 4000m1.000000
marine sediment0.833333
polymetallic nodule0.500000
LOWER IN polymetallic nodule0.166667
LOWER IN marine sediment0.166667
depth 0-5cm0.166667
LOWER IN depth 8-10cm0.166667
sediment depth 8-10cm0.166667
LOWER IN sediment depth 0-5cm0.166667

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