Experiment ID: 614

Field Description
namecontext-dependent dynamics lead to the assembly of functionally distinct microbial communities

Annotations for experiment:

Fraction of dbbact annotations with this term covered by the query
LOWER IN days 57-600.500000
days 0-30.500000
harvard forest0.500000
plant fluid0.500000
pitcher fluid0.500000
pitcher plant0.500000
sarracenia purpurea0.500000
LOWER IN days 0-30.500000
days 57-600.500000
LOWER IN late time points0.166667
early time points0.166667
LOWER IN research facility0.142857
commonwealth of massachusetts0.142857
LOWER IN early time points0.125000
late time points0.125000
LOWER IN wild0.076923
research facility0.006993
united states of america0.004149
Fraction of annotations for the query sequences containing the term
harvard forest1.000000
plant fluid1.000000
pitcher fluid1.000000
united states of america1.000000
commonwealth of massachusetts1.000000
pitcher plant1.000000
sarracenia purpurea1.000000
LOWER IN research facility0.250000
LOWER IN late time points0.250000
LOWER IN days 57-600.250000
early time points0.250000
days 0-30.250000
LOWER IN wild0.250000
LOWER IN days 0-30.250000
LOWER IN early time points0.250000
research facility0.250000
days 57-600.250000
late time points0.250000

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