Summary for ontology term: depth 0m

Number of annotations with term: 5


common ontology terms
term enrichment score
LOWER IN depth 0m0.666667
depth 0m0.500000
south florida0.444444
LOWER IN surface water0.444444
depth 2000-3000m0.363636
mediterranean sea0.307692
LOWER IN shark0.285714
depth 75m0.285714
LOWER IN depth 5m0.285714
depth 300m0.250000
depth 150m0.222222
LOWER IN late time points0.200000
early time points0.200000
atlantic ocean0.190476
late time points0.181818
LOWER IN early time points0.181818
sea water0.172662
LOWER IN sea water0.153846
surface water0.133333
state of florida0.114286
LOWER IN water0.111111
pacific ocean0.086957
state of california0.083333
united states of america0.018838
Fraction of dbbact annotations with this term covered by the query
LOWER IN depth 0m0.750000
depth 0m0.666667
south florida0.500000
LOWER IN shark0.500000
LOWER IN surface water0.500000
depth 75m0.500000
LOWER IN depth 5m0.500000
depth 2000-3000m0.333333
depth 300m0.333333
mediterranean sea0.250000
depth 150m0.250000
LOWER IN late time points0.200000
early time points0.200000
late time points0.166667
LOWER IN early time points0.166667
atlantic ocean0.125000
LOWER IN sea water0.125000
surface water0.100000
sea water0.096774
LOWER IN water0.076923
state of florida0.066667
pacific ocean0.055556
state of california0.052632
united states of america0.009569
Fraction of annotations for the query sequences containing the term
sea water0.800000
LOWER IN depth 0m0.600000
united states of america0.600000
mediterranean sea0.400000
depth 2000-3000m0.400000
depth 0m0.400000
atlantic ocean0.400000
south florida0.400000
state of florida0.400000
LOWER IN surface water0.400000
late time points0.200000
LOWER IN early time points0.200000
LOWER IN late time points0.200000
early time points0.200000
surface water0.200000
LOWER IN shark0.200000
LOWER IN water0.200000
LOWER IN sea water0.200000
state of california0.200000
pacific ocean0.200000
depth 300m0.200000
depth 75m0.200000
depth 150m0.200000
LOWER IN depth 5m0.200000

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