Summary for ontology term: portuguese republic

Number of annotations with term: 6


common ontology terms
term enrichment score
portuguese republic0.666667
coral reef0.500000
eunicella labiata0.500000
depth 20m0.500000
gorgonian coral0.500000
marine water body0.400000
saline water0.400000
atlantic ocean0.285714
LOWER IN eunicella labiata0.250000
LOWER IN coral0.250000
LOWER IN marine water body0.250000
LOWER IN coral reef0.250000
LOWER IN gorgonian coral0.250000
LOWER IN saline water0.250000
LOWER IN sea water0.200000
sea water0.153846
Fraction of dbbact annotations with this term covered by the query
LOWER IN eunicella labiata0.500000
LOWER IN coral0.500000
portuguese republic0.500000
LOWER IN marine water body0.500000
gorgonian coral0.500000
LOWER IN saline water0.500000
coral reef0.500000
eunicella labiata0.500000
LOWER IN coral reef0.500000
LOWER IN gorgonian coral0.500000
depth 20m0.333333
marine water body0.333333
saline water0.333333
LOWER IN sea water0.250000
atlantic ocean0.166667
sea water0.090909
Fraction of annotations for the query sequences containing the term
atlantic ocean1.000000
portuguese republic1.000000
depth 20m1.000000
marine water body0.500000
coral reef0.500000
saline water0.500000
eunicella labiata0.500000
sea water0.500000
gorgonian coral0.500000
LOWER IN eunicella labiata0.166667
LOWER IN coral0.166667
LOWER IN marine water body0.166667
LOWER IN coral reef0.166667
LOWER IN gorgonian coral0.166667
LOWER IN sea water0.166667
LOWER IN saline water0.166667

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