Summary for ontology term: time 5 days

Number of annotations with term: 4


common ontology terms
term enrichment score
state of tabasco0.666667
cocoa mass0.666667
theobroma cacao0.666667
time 5 days0.600000
fermented cocoa mass0.600000
LOWER IN fermented cocoa mass0.333333
LOWER IN time 5 days0.333333
time 00.333333
LOWER IN time 00.285714
Fraction of dbbact annotations with this term covered by the query
LOWER IN fermented cocoa mass0.500000
LOWER IN time 5 days0.500000
time 00.500000
state of tabasco0.500000
cocoa mass0.500000
theobroma cacao0.500000
time 5 days0.500000
fermented cocoa mass0.500000
LOWER IN time 00.333333
Fraction of annotations for the query sequences containing the term
state of tabasco1.000000
cocoa mass1.000000
theobroma cacao1.000000
time 5 days0.750000
fermented cocoa mass0.750000
LOWER IN fermented cocoa mass0.250000
LOWER IN time 5 days0.250000
time 00.250000
LOWER IN time 00.250000

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