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common ontology terms
term enrichment score
taihu lake0.178571
taihu national park0.178571
bulk soil0.173410
maize field0.148148
ph 50.142857
cultivated environment0.141176
lake sediment0.140845
triticum aestivum0.136054
agricultural feature0.123457
north china plain0.115385
state of idaho0.109091
depth (sediment) 0-20cm0.109091
glycine max0.106195
depth (water) 20-100cm0.104167
LOWER IN root0.098361
depth (soil) 0-20cm0.093750
LOWER IN ph&gt;60.081633
arachis hypogaea0.080000
boechera stricta0.080000
svalbard archipelago0.080000
fragaria x ananassa0.080000
yellow brown soil0.080000
minas gerais state0.080000
campos rupestres0.080000
depth (sediment) 0cm0.080000
kaiyang county0.080000
guizhou province0.080000
acute oak decline0.080000
lower saxony0.080000
sandy soil0.080000
province of quebec0.076923
heilongjiang province0.076923
black soil0.076923
sediment surface0.076923
oryza sativa0.075472
depth (soil) 20-30cm0.074074
npk fertilizer0.074074
greenhouse soil0.074074
nanjing city prefecture0.074074
depth (soil) 0-30 cm0.074074
plant disease0.074074
age 1 year0.071429
kingdom of norway0.064516
forest ecosystem0.062500
zea mays0.060606
woodland area0.058824
depth (soil) 0-10cm0.055556
ph 5-60.050000
LOWER IN rhizosphere0.043011
united kingdom0.042553
field soil0.041667
quincy, fl0.041667
central park0.041667
LOWER IN soilwater0.041667
ph>6, ph<70.041667
ph>5, ph<60.041667
ph>4, ph<50.041667
LOWER IN depth 100-150cm0.041667
LOWER IN depth 150-200cm0.041667
temperate woodland biome0.041667
temperate deciduos forest0.041667
mediterranean forest biome0.041667
LOWER IN age 10 years0.041667
LOWER IN continuous cropping0.041667
vellozia epidendroides0.041667
barbacenia macrantha0.041667
dendrobium moniliforme0.041667
lu'an city prefecture0.041667
LOWER IN bulk sediment0.041667
after 6 years0.041667
antarctic hairgrass0.041667
deschampsia antarctica0.041667
king george island0.041667
nicotiana tabacum0.040816
vitis vinifera0.040816
ph 5.60.040816
brassica oleracea0.040816
Fraction of dbbact annotations with this term covered by the query
LOWER IN ph&gt;60.666667
field soil0.500000
quincy, fl0.500000
central park0.500000
arachis hypogaea0.500000
LOWER IN soilwater0.500000
boechera stricta0.500000
north china plain0.500000
ph>6, ph<70.500000
ph>5, ph<60.500000
ph>4, ph<50.500000
svalbard archipelago0.500000
LOWER IN depth 100-150cm0.500000
LOWER IN depth 150-200cm0.500000
temperate woodland biome0.500000
temperate deciduos forest0.500000
mediterranean forest biome0.500000
fragaria x ananassa0.500000
yellow brown soil0.500000
LOWER IN age 10 years0.500000
LOWER IN continuous cropping0.500000
minas gerais state0.500000
campos rupestres0.500000
vellozia epidendroides0.500000
barbacenia macrantha0.500000
dendrobium moniliforme0.500000
lu'an city prefecture0.500000
taihu lake0.500000
taihu national park0.500000
depth (sediment) 0cm0.500000
LOWER IN bulk sediment0.500000
maize field0.500000
kaiyang county0.500000
guizhou province0.500000
after 6 years0.500000
acute oak decline0.500000
lower saxony0.500000
sandy soil0.500000
antarctic hairgrass0.500000
deschampsia antarctica0.500000
king george island0.500000
bulk soil0.428571
ph 50.400000
cultivated environment0.375000
nicotiana tabacum0.333333
vitis vinifera0.333333
ph 5.60.333333
brassica oleracea0.333333
province of quebec0.333333
state of idaho0.333333
heilongjiang province0.333333
black soil0.333333
depth (sediment) 0-20cm0.333333
sediment surface0.333333
LOWER IN depth (sediment) 0-20cm0.333333
unamended soil0.333333
ph 7.90.333333
ph 80.333333
oryza sativa0.285714
glycine max0.285714
urban biome0.250000
non-manured soil0.250000
LOWER IN root structure0.250000
depth (soil) 20-30cm0.250000
LOWER IN ph&gt;50.250000
npk fertilizer0.250000
greenhouse soil0.250000
nanjing city prefecture0.250000
LOWER IN age 5 years0.250000
root endosphere0.250000
depth (soil) 0-30 cm0.250000
plant disease0.250000
LOWER IN root0.200000
fertilized soil0.200000
age 1 year0.200000
state of tennessee0.200000
lake sediment0.200000
triticum aestivum0.181818
LOWER IN manured soil0.166667
ph 60.166667
Fraction of annotations for the query sequences containing the term
united states of america0.152174
depth (soil) 0-20cm0.130435
triticum aestivum0.108696
bulk soil0.108696
agricultural feature0.108696
taihu lake0.108696
taihu national park0.108696
depth (water) 20-100cm0.108696
lake sediment0.108696
ph 50.086957
cultivated environment0.086957
maize field0.086957
LOWER IN root0.065217
state of idaho0.065217
glycine max0.065217
north china plain0.065217
depth (sediment) 0-20cm0.065217
LOWER IN ph&gt;60.043478
LOWER IN rhizosphere0.043478
oryza sativa0.043478
arachis hypogaea0.043478
province of quebec0.043478
boechera stricta0.043478
kingdom of norway0.043478
svalbard archipelago0.043478
depth (soil) 20-30cm0.043478
depth (soil) 0-10cm0.043478
woodland area0.043478
forest ecosystem0.043478
heilongjiang province0.043478
zea mays0.043478
black soil0.043478
npk fertilizer0.043478
fragaria x ananassa0.043478
greenhouse soil0.043478
yellow brown soil0.043478
nanjing city prefecture0.043478
age 1 year0.043478
minas gerais state0.043478
campos rupestres0.043478
sediment surface0.043478
depth (sediment) 0cm0.043478
kaiyang county0.043478
guizhou province0.043478
depth (soil) 0-30 cm0.043478
ph 5-60.043478
plant disease0.043478
acute oak decline0.043478
united kingdom0.043478
lower saxony0.043478
sandy soil0.043478
field soil0.021739
nicotiana tabacum0.021739
quincy, fl0.021739
state of florida0.021739
urban biome0.021739
new york city0.021739
central park0.021739
state of new york0.021739
vitis vinifera0.021739
ph 5.60.021739
state of california0.021739
brassica oleracea0.021739
fertilized soil0.021739
non-manured soil0.021739
LOWER IN manured soil0.021739
LOWER IN soilwater0.021739
LOWER IN water0.021739
ph 60.021739
LOWER IN leaf0.021739
LOWER IN root structure0.021739
Exp. ID User ID Description Date Region Flag Sequences
698amnon high in ph 5-6 plant disease disease acute oak decline compared to ph 6-7 control in depth (soil) 0-30 cm depth (soil) 0-20cm park united kingdom oak quercus rhizosphere 2028-04-01v3No1 / 266
761sheryoHigher in bulk soil compared to maize rhizosphere in sandy soil maize field in Germany ( high in bulk soil compared to rhizosphere in ph 5 lower saxony sandy soil germany maize field )2021-04-06v3No1 / 294
882amnoncommon antarctic hairgrass, deschampsia antarctica, king george island, antarctica, rhizosphere2022-03-20v3No1 / 299
259amnonlower in manured soil compared to non-manured ( high in non-manured soil compared to manured soil in soil rhizosphere ph 5 arachis hypogaea peanut fertilized soil china )2017-12-02v4No1 / 397
548amnoncommon on leaf surface (common minas gerais state, campos rupestres, brazil, vellozia epidendroides, leaf)2019-08-17v4No1 / 548
357amnoncommon soil, topsoil, depth (soil) 0-10cm, mediterranean forest biome, forest ecosystem, woodland area2018-08-19v4No1 / 564
548amnoncommon minas gerais state, campos rupestres, brazil, barbacenia macrantha, root endosphere, root2019-08-17v4No1 / 575
347amnoncommon kingdom of norway, svalbard archipelago, permafrost, soil, depth (soil) 20-30cm2018-07-15v4No1 / 698
415amnoncommon rhizosphere, soil, citrus, orchard, china, cultivated environment2018-11-27v4No1 / 830
761sheryoCommon in bulk sandy soil maize field in Germany (common ph 5, lower saxony, sandy soil, germany, maize field, bulk soil)2021-04-06v3No1 / 835
266amnoncommon in roots in JAM garden (common brassicaceae, boechera stricta, plant, united states of america, state of idaho, root)2017-12-19v4No1 / 843
698amnoncommon depth (soil) 0-30 cm, depth (soil) 0-20cm, ph 5-6, disease, plant disease, acute oak decline, park, united kingdom, oak, quercus, rhizosphere2028-04-01v3No1 / 848
98amnoncommon citrus, rhizosphere, quincy, fl, root, state of florida2017-04-01v4No1 / 950
414amnon high in ph<6 npk fertilizer compared to ph>6 in soil heilongjiang province agricultural feature triticum aestivum glycine max zea mays black soil mollisol china 2018-11-26v4No1 / 963
809amnoncommon dendrobium moniliforme, lu'an city prefecture, flowerpot, research facility, greenhouse, rhizosphere, china2021-06-20v4No1 / 1002
347amnon high in depth (soil) 20-30cm compared to depth 100-150cm depth 150-200cm in kingdom of norway svalbard archipelago permafrost soil 2018-07-15v4No1 / 1080
265amnoncommon canada, province of quebec, soil2017-12-11v4No1 / 1090
357amnon high in ph<5 compared to ph>5 in soil topsoil depth (soil) 0-10cm temperate woodland biome temperate deciduos forest woodland area forest ecosystem 2018-08-18v4No1 / 1104
414amnoncommon soil, heilongjiang province, agricultural feature, triticum aestivum, glycine max, zea mays, black soil, mollisol, npk fertilizer, ph<6, china2018-11-26v4No1 / 1105
444amnonlower in continuously cropped strawberry soil ( high in age 1 year compared to age 5 years age 10 years continuous cropping in rhizosphere fragaria x ananassa strawberry greenhouse soil farm yellow brown soil nanjing city prefecture china cultivated environment )2019-01-07v4No1 / 1221
901amnoncommon taihu lake, depth (sediment) 0-20cm, depth (water) 20-100cm, taihu national park, china, lake sediment2022-04-25v4No1 / 1246
266amnonCommon in soil from MAH garden (common soil, united states of america, state of idaho, ph 6)2017-12-18v4No1 / 1299
259amnoncommon in soil and rhizpsphere of peanut plants (common soil, rhizosphere, ph 5, arachis hypogaea, peanut, china)2017-12-02v4No1 / 1334
901amnoncommon in macrophyte plant rhizosphere (common rhizosphere, depth (sediment) 0-20cm, taihu lake, taihu national park, china, depth (water) 20-100cm, lake sediment)2022-04-25v4No1 / 1378
40amnoncommon soil, field soil, nicotiana tabacum, rhizosphere, china2016-12-09v4No1 / 1420
444amnoncommon rhizosphere, fragaria x ananassa, strawberry, greenhouse soil, farm, yellow brown soil, nanjing city prefecture, age 1 year, china, cultivated environment2019-01-07v4No1 / 1439
145amnoncommon soil, rhizosphere, oryza sativa, rice, united states of america, ph 5.62017-04-19v4No1 / 1515
901amnoncommon sediment surface, depth (sediment) 0cm, taihu lake, depth (water) 20-100cm, taihu national park, china, lake sediment2022-04-25v4No1 / 1550
631sheryoCommon in maize field unamended bulk soil (common bulk soil, unamended soil, ph 7.9, maize field, soil, kaiyang county, guizhou province, china)2020-06-02v3No1 / 1814
901amnon high in sediment surface depth (sediment) 0cm compared to depth (sediment) 0-20cm in taihu lake depth (water) 20-100cm taihu national park china lake sediment 2022-04-25v4No1 / 1819
631sheryocommon in maize field biochar amended bulk soil, after 6 years of biochar amended (common ph 8, china, guizhou province, kaiyang county, soil, maize field, bulk soil, biochar, after 6 years)2020-06-02v3No1 / 1872
156amnoncommon soil, rhizosphere, brassica, brassica oleracea, china2017-07-27v4No1 / 1885
296amnoncommon depth (soil) 0-20cm, soil, north china plain, agricultural feature, wheat, winter, ph>4, ph<5, china2018-02-11v4No1 / 1886
901amnon high in rhizosphere compared to bulk sediment in depth (sediment) 0-20cm taihu lake depth (water) 20-100cm taihu national park china lake sediment 2022-04-25v4No1 / 1892
155amnoncommon in soil tightly bound to wheat root (common triticum aestivum, wheat, soil, root, china)2017-07-02v4No1 / 1977
101amnon high in root compared to rhizosphere in state of new york vitis vinifera united states of america merlot grapevine 2017-04-03v4No1 / 2075
296amnoncommon depth (soil) 0-20cm, soil, north china plain, agricultural feature, wheat, winter, ph>6, ph<7, china2018-02-11v4No1 / 2223
155amnoncommon in soil loosely bound to wheat root (common triticum aestivum, wheat, soil, rhizosphere, china)2017-07-02v4No1 / 2425
155amnoncommon in bulk soil in wheat field (common triticum aestivum, wheat, soil, bulk soil, china)2017-07-02v4No1 / 2594
265amnon high in soil compared to soilwater water in canada province of quebec 2017-12-11v4No1 / 2715
296amnoncommon depth (soil) 0-20cm, soil, north china plain, agricultural feature, wheat, winter, ph>5, ph<6, china2018-02-11v4No1 / 3508
462amnon high in rhizosphere compared to root in united states of america state of tennessee populus tree cultivated environment 2019-01-13v4No1 / 4630
100amnon high in ph ph<6 compared to ph>6 in soil urban biome park new york city central park 2017-04-03v4No1 / 5770
266amnon high in root compared to leaf in brassicaceae boechera stricta plant united states of america state of idaho 2017-12-19v4No1 / 5886
171amnonlower in roots compared to rhizosphere soil in rice ( high in rhizosphere soil compared to root in united states of america state of california oryza sativa rice )2017-07-25v4No1 / 7628
271amnon high in soil rhizosphere compared to root structure root in depth (soil) 0-20cm glycine max soybean china 2018-01-09v4No1 / 7954

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